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Knowledge Management

Managing Knowledge in a most effective and efficient manner

Critical and valuable Knowledge of an organization can be saved, structured, shared and transferred back into business processes. Loss of Knowledge, its negative effects and the resulting costs can thus be reduced. Retrieval of Knowledge and Information can be significantly speeded up with a Knowledge Retention Solution. 

KLV helps you in creating your own Knowledge Management Solutions with our standard applications or individual Consulting Services. powerKNOW is a web-based Solution. The product is very effective in archiving different forms of existing Knowledge in an organization or creating new Knowledge in a structured and documented form. 

Our solutions help in storing Knowledge in a central Knowledge Base and sharing it with authorized users. Quality of the Knowledge Base can be increased step-by-step. This is achieved using different options to structure and qualify knowledge documents with more relevant meta information. It optimizes the support of internal knowledge processes. 

powerKNOW supports the Debriefing interview technique to collect valuable and critical knowledge from experts. 

Download free trial versions from our product web sites and try them in your organization. Test powerKNOW online with a supplied example.
Our Products
powerKNOW - Save and Share Knowledge
- Your Knowledge Management Solution.
- Save and Share Quality Knowledge.
- Increase Productivity and Efficiency.
- Help in Decision Making Process.
- Job satisfaction for employees.
- Be better than your competition.
- Knowledge Management at a fair price.
Our Partners
IBCDev, Germany
IBCDev´s objective is to enhance business value of organizations by developing specific individual competencies as well as developing organizational competencies.
Institute for e-Management (IfeM), Germany
We are a founding member of a non-profit organization, which helps businesses doing research activities in the fields of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management. 

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