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About Us

KLV GmbH, based in Troisdorf, Germany, is a consultancy and software house specialising in complex IT solutions. The range of services offered covers everything from complete project management, including system integration, to the development of software and applications.

Our activities include Knowledge Management Solutions, the creation of streamlined application models and the development of modern database and multi-tier applications. 

Optimal customer solutions...

... are not just empty promises on the part of KLV GmbH but have been our focus in our daily dealings for a number of years. It is precisely for this reason that we have made complex IT solutions our area of specialty and have embraced the philosophy of "Customer Service" as a mission. Be this in the implementation of large-scale projects, the integration of heterogeneous information environments, complex software development activities or seminars and workshops - our employees always place particular value on a close and co-operative working relationship with our customers in order to realize optimal solutions. 

A high degree of know-how...

...and a pool of experience emanating from numerous projects is KLV's foundation for the most varied of solutions. Highly-qualified and extremely well-trained employees support the customer in both word and deed. Thanks to its extensive experience, KLV is able, at short notice, to take on and implement even the most complex of development projects efficiently and economically

In this respect the customer does not only benefit from the development of tailor-made solutions but also from the integration of standard, off-the-shelf components. 


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